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Ekoflex 30 is a special flexible acrylic cement adhesive for granite, marble and stone tiles in white color.

Scope of use: It is used for gluing ceramic tiles, marble, granite, natural and artificial stone on wall, floor and facade surfaces, strictly on a solid substrate (mortars on a basis of cement, lime and concrete), for external and internal use. It has excellent adhesion, high hardness, flexibility and moisture resistance. It is suitable for gluing tiles with low absorption (absorption ≤ 3%), large tiles, when laying on surfaces with existing tiles, as well as on substrates with underfloor heating.

Preparation: Add 1 bag of adhesive in a container with 8l of water. Stir the mixture continuously for 3 minutes. Stir again  after 15 minutes.

Storage: In a dry room.

Shelf life: 12 months