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Acrylic dispersion for exterior walls

SCOPE OF USE: For decorative protection of new and old facade surfaces. Due to its high resistance, it is suitable for application on interior walls of public buildings. It is characterized by excellent water resistance, good hiding power, resistance to UV radiation and weather influences.

PREPARATION AND APPLICATION: Before applying, the mass should be stirred well and, if necessary, diluted with about 10-15% water with constant stirring until complete homogenization. The substrate on which the paint is applied must be firm, clean and dry. It must be coated with ECO ACRYLIC before applying. The paint is applied with a roller, brush or machine, usually in two layers. Apply at a temperature of +5 to + 30 ° C. Do not work directly in the sun, wind or rain.

CONSUMPTION: Approximately 0.25-0.35 kg / m2 for two layers.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months in original packaging at a temperature of +5 ºC to +25 ºC.

PACKAGING: 5 kg / 15 kg / 25 kg /

It can be toned in 500 shades