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Acrylic dispersion for concrete walls

ECOBET AKRIL is an acrylic paint for protection of concrete that is characterized by excellent water resistance, good hiding power, resistance to UV radiation and weather influences. It protects the concrete surface from wear and dust and it gives a more beautiful appearance. It is classified in ecological wall paints that are not harmful to human health and the environment.

Preparation and Application: The concrete on which the paint is applied must be clean and dry, without loosely bonded areas and greasy stains, etc. Prior to application, the concrete should be coated with ECOAKRIL primer, in the same shade as the ECOBET AKRIL shade.

Stir the mass well before applying and then, if necessary, dilute with about 5% water with constant stirring. The paint is applied with a roller,  brush or machine,  usually in two layers, in a way in which the second layer is applied after 4-6 h of drying.

It is necessary to work evenly without interruption. Do not work directly in sun, wind or rain.

Consumption: It depends on the quality of the substrate, the absorption and roughness, the weather conditions and the training of the contractor. It is about 0.30-0.40 kg / m2 for two layers of coating.

Shelf life: 12 months in original packaging at a temperature of +5 to C to +25 .C.

Packing: 5 kg / 25kg