SCOPE OF USE: For establishing an “old-new” connection between old and new concrete surfaces or surfaces of cement mortar. It improves the plasticity, adhesion, workability and water resistance of concretes and mortars.

PREPARATION AND DOSAGE: As a coating for “old-new” bonding 1kg ECO PRIMER is mixed with 5l of water.

It is applied with a brush on a clean and wet concrete surface just before impregnation of porous concrete surfaces, one part of ECO PRIMER is mixed with five parts of water and applied on a treated surface.

CONSUMPTION: 0.05-0.25gr / m2, “old-new” bonding, 0.10, -0.30grm2, for stabilization and surface impregnation, 2% – 5% in relation to the weight of cement as an additive in cement mortars .

SHELF LIFE: 12 months

STORAGE: In original packaging at a temperature of + 5 oC to + 35 oC protected from direct sunlight.

This product is not classified as dangerous according to GHS.