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Separation mines

Rudproing owns a separation and three mines including:

Mine ,, BABINDOL ,, Makedonski Brod for exploitation of Dolomite.

Mine ,, RAMNE ,, Makedonski Brod for exploitation of Calcite.

Mine ,, CRN KAMEN ,, Makedonski Brod for exploitation of Black Marble

In the field of mining, the company performs the following activities: drilling, mining, loading and transport in its own mines.

RUDPROING has its own separation with a capacity of 100,000 t / year. which is located in Babindol, close to the factories. The separation is used for crushing and sorting the raw materials extracted from our mines. The granules separated in Babindol are used in our factory, in the plants for milling and micronization, as well as for sale on the market in the form of fractions for making concrete and concrete elements. The following granules are classified during the separation:
Granules: + 0.00-4.00 mm;
Granules: + 4.00-8.00mm;
Granules: + 8.00-16.00 mm;
Granules: + 16.00-32.00 mm.
Granules: + 32.00-70.00 mm.
Separated Tampon: + 0.00-70.00mm.
Separated Tampon: + 0.00-100.00mm.

Years of



RUDPROING LLC is a privately owned company with a proven track record of 25 years.
Through its continuous and dynamic development over the years, the company has grown into an internationally recognised enterprise for exploitation and processing of non-metallic mineral raw materials and production of materials for finishing works in construction.